Xnito Ad Shooting Behind the Scenes on the OneWheel GT

Xnito Ad Shooting Behind the Scenes on the OneWheel GT
#Xnito #Shooting #Scenes #OneWheel
Xnito Ad Shooting Behind the Scenes on the OneWheel GT new leaked Video Leaked Viral On Reddit, YouTube
Let’s find out what is happen in this video. #Xnito #Shooting #Scenes #OneWheel
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00:00 Filming for Xnito on the OneWheel GT!
00:40 Some of the shot list
01:30 Getting the Skydio 2 involved
03:10 At the swamp
04:45 At the Greenway
06:50 Heading to the beach
07:25 EXTREME curb jumping
08:30 The 10 second story
10:15 The Shorts explanation
11:25 Veteran Viner
11:55 Use my link for Xnito gear!
12:15 The Big Short

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