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During the Chicago federal trial, disgraced R&B singer-songwriter R. Kelly was introduced by his former goddaughter, who claimed with him ‘hundreds’ of times before she was 18. Even though she first encountered Kelly at the age of 14, they began having contact at the age of 15.

 The 37-year-old woman, who uses only the pseudonym ‘Jane,’ testified as a prosecution witness in the federal case on Thursday (August 18). In the ’90s, Stephanie “Sparkle” Edwards introduced Jane to Kelly, and she asked him to be a godfather for the then girl.

Kelly and Edwards had frequent phone conversations that turned in nature, despite Jane’s claim that they had a relationship. She said, “Because that’s when I lost my, that’s when I remember how old I was when we had our first encounter.”

 In 2008, Kelly was acquitted of all charges for the infamous leaked video that was the center of his trial. According to Rolling Stone, Jane testified that she was the young girl in the video.

Jane recollected the experience, filmed at the singer’s former home in Lakeview, Chicago, for four hours on the witness stand. Jane testified that The video shows Jane lying on the floor.

A second video was leaked in Kelly’s wood-paneled “Colorado Room” which Jane described as a “log cabin room.” After revealing that the room had a jacuzzi, Jane was asked why Kelly had handed her money at the beginning of the video.

Before Kelly sent Jane and her family to the Bahamas and Cancun for two weeks after Jane confessed to her parents about the relationship, her father “was hysterical” over the news.

“There was a lot of negative attention around the leaked video,” Jane testified. She added: “It was not a fun vacation. It was not considered a vacation, it was trying to understand the position we were in” and “it was really uncomfortable.”..

Kelly instructed Jane to deny their relationship before she testified in front of a grand jury in April 2002, even though she had moved into his Olympia Fields home that year. After she moved out of the home at age 23 or 24, Kelly paid for her rent and car, despite abusing her by spanking and hitting her. The word “settlement” was written on one of the checks Jane received from Kelly, although no settlement was reached.

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