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A Colombian judge accused of posting defamatory photos of himself on social media was suspended for three months this week for appearing half-naked and smoking in bed during a trial.

vivian Polania judge violated

The Norte de Santander Judicial Disciplinary Commission decided on Tuesday that Judge Vivian Polania had violated several administrative rules. Polania, 34, reportedly made national headlines last week when a removal request appeared to sound like a cigarette in her underwear.

vivian polania Video viral

During the hearing about the car bomb attack targeting the army brigade in Cucuta in June 2021.

vivian polania Video viral

The shirtless referee’s video went viral and the disciplinary committee launched an investigation into Polonia’s NSFW ad. According to the 16-page decision, Polonia turned off the camera almost an hour before turning it on and lay in bed “disgusted” and “sleepy.”

viral video polonia

When the prosecutor told the judge that the camera was on, Polonia quickly turned it off. The committee said it had decided to go on unpaid leave until February after finding that Polonia was unfit to perform her duties because she did not attend party meetings and did not violate “court dress code”.

vivian polania leaked photo tattoo

Vivian Polania leaked photos tattoo

“These conditions are not consistent with the care, respect and supervision of a national judge to judge justice and show disrespect on the part of the workers,” the judgment said.

Polonia broke her silence after the scandal. A video was released in which she denied being naked and said she would lie down in court because she was suffering from depression and high blood pressure.

vivian Polania leaked Onlyfans

In an interview with Blu Radio, Polonia said that it was a difficult job that caused him mental health problems. He also said that for a long time his fellow judges in Cúcuta insulted him and threatened to punish him for the suit he made.

vivian polania Video viral on social media platform

Polonia reportedly previously shared a photo of herself in a flashy BDSM-style outfit with 37 tattoos on her Instagram page, and had 30,000 followers when her account was deleted this week.


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