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The video of the maria kamila girl | The video of the Colombian girl that everyone wanted- VB BLOG

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After watching a video of their lost daughter being killed in El Bagre, Colombia’s Antioch department, a family’s members were devastated.

Maria Camila Villalba Espitia, a young lady of barely 17 years old who had been reported missing and was being sought for by her family, was identified as the young lady.

The young girl was one of two women taken hostage from the farm where a man’s severed body had been discovered.

But when a horrifying video of the unlucky moment the youngster was beheaded by her captors started to go viral on social media, all chance of finding Maria Camila alive was lost.

It was possible to identify the young woman from the video since she was wearing the same clothes as in the photo that had been circulating before it was released.

The video shows how unidentified males take every organ from the dead young woman’s body, including her stomach.

Video link: WATCH VIDEO

The footage showed both the desecrated body of Camila and the head of another man who had been beheaded.

Maria Camila’s family made every attempt to locate her body and give her a respectable Christian burial so they could also get some sleep after this nightmare.

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