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Seattle Police Department (SPD) says about 5:15 p.m. Wednesday, a man walked up to the passenger side window of a U.S. Postal Service vehicle in a residential area of northeast Seattle and threatened the mail carrier with a handgun.

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He demanded the mail carrier’s USPS keys, which the victim handed over.

Then the suspect told him to look down, and the mail carrier did, which allowed the suspect to get away before the driver looked up.

A witness saw the suspect get into the passenger side of a waiting BMW sedan.

The mail carrier was not injured.

The USPS Supervisor and U.S. Postal Inspector responded to the scene, and SPD Robbery Unit was notified.

The Crime Blotter: Tacoma man steals patrol car from on-duty Lakewood Police

Kenmore Police investigate uptick in mail theft

Kenmore Police are looking for “porch pirates” responsible for a recent spate of property theft. 

Officers say there has been an increase in theft off of people’s porches with some instances recently caught on security cameras. They may arrive by bicycle, or their friend may pick them up in a car. Officers say this particular group has been known to carry a golf club or wear a Mariners hat. 

If you have any information or you need to report any instances of theft to the Kenmore police, you can call the non-emergency line at (206) 296-3311 or go to their website.

Suspect attempts to stab UPS driver in Seattle

Seattle Police say, at about 6:15 pm Wednesday; a UPS driver saw a man steal a package from his truck.

The UPS worker confronted the suspect and asked for his package back. The victim says the suspect pulled out two knives and lunged at him, narrowly missing his abdominal region.

The suspect then grabbed a big piece of wood and attempted to hit the UPS worker with it.

Officers arrived on the scene and arrested the suspect, and recovered two knives from the suspect.

Seattle woman robbed at gunpoint

Early Wednesday morning, a victim told Seattle Police that two males pulled up in a vehicle at 2nd Avenue SW and Highland Park Way SW. The victim said one of the suspects grabbed her and threw her to the ground.

The woman stated that the suspect put a rifle to her head. The suspects took the victim’s generator and fled in a black Chevy Suburban.

South Precinct officers located the vehicle near 30th Avenue S and S Holly Street. The vehicle refused to stop, and officers were authorized to pursue the vehicle.

The pursuit continued until officers say “speeds became unreasonable,” and they had to stop the chase.

SPD Robbery Unit was notified and is investigating the incident.

Disabled man assaulted, robbed while waiting for the bus

Seattle Police say, Wednesday morning, a developmentally disabled man was at a bus stop waiting for a bus. When the bus arrived, he approached it to get on but was violently assaulted by three teen boys who took his backpack and fled the scene.

Officers say that the attack was unprovoked and the man is in the hospital.

An officer located the suspects and detained them. The suspects’ identities were confirmed, and evidence of the assault was acquired.

The three suspects were booked into Youth Services Center for robbery as police continue to investigate.

Bomb Squad called to handle mysterious package at Seattle business

According to Seattle Police, before 6:00 a.m. Wednesday, at least two masked people arrived by car and placed a suspicious package near the front door of a business.

Workers inside were concerned enough to evacuate and call the police.

When officers arrived on the scene they secured the immediate area. Arson and Bomb Squad (ABS) responded and rendered the package safe.

ABS detectives will handle the follow-up as they continue their investigation.

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