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Shake Milton praises Mike Scott for facilitating his NBA transition Vibesbullet

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Mo Bamba #5 of the Orlando Magic is guarded by Shake Milton #18 and Mike Scott #1 of the Philadelphia 76ers during the fourth quarter at the Wells Fargo Center on May 14, 2021.

Shake Milton is one of the quieter personalities on the Philadelphia 76ers roster. The four-year veteran has spent his entire career with the Sixers but is never one to make the headlines. Milton has provided solid bench minutes for Philadelphia and hopes to maintain that role going forward. He recently went to the Talk of the Town 918 PodcasThere he got the chance to outline his path to the NBA and his experiences with the Sixers. Discussing his professional transition, he thanked former Sixers fan favorite Mike Scott for helping to ease the difficult jump. When asked if there was a veteran who took him under his wing, Milton replied:

“Mike Scott. That’s my type, OG. He was a really good guy, a really good guy. He kind of kept my head straight.” – Shake Milton

The clip from the podcast can also be seen here:

Mike Scott’s time with the Sixers

Mike Scott first joined the Sixers as part of the Sixers Trading with Tobias Harris as the franchise went from the dark days of The Process to the win-now team it is today. Scott had one of the best stretches of his career in the 29 games he played with the Sixers in the 2018-19 season. He has connected 41.2% of his three-point attempts and he managed to fill the role of the team’s enforcer. Scott also played a valuable role in the Sixers playoff rotation. He even hit that good three-pointer to take a 3-1 lead over the nets in the 2018-19 playoffs.

In total, he spent three seasons in Philadelphia, with his role on the court becoming smaller and smaller. His influence was felt well beyond the pitch, which Milton mentioned in the interview as he was one of the most active players in the community. Scott had many memorable moments including a Nerf war with kids in Philly and also getting into one Fight at an Eagles tailgate. He has not played in the NBA since the 2020-21 season when he last played with the Sixers.

What’s next for Shake Milton?

While there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the Sixers’ signings, any man is also a threat for the minutes normally allotted to Milton. It has been a career of ups and downs for the SMU product so far.

He’s shown some truly intriguing flashes, like the 39-point breakout against the Clippers in 2019-20, but he hasn’t consistently put the pieces together. Milton had his best 2020-21 season when he averaged 13.0 points, 3.1 assists and 2.3 rebounds per game. Unfortunately, his points and assists totals fell to 8.2 points and 2.5 assists per game last season, and he’ll be looking to improve in the future.

There are plenty of new faces making their statements as to why they belong in the Sixers rotation, but Milton shouldn’t be counted out entirely. It’s great to see him reflect on his journey and commend Mike Scott for the impact he’s brought to the team outside of court. His focus is now shifted purely to basketball as a Sixers training camp should start on Tuesday. Shake Milton praises Mike Scott for facilitating his NBA transition ,

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