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The work of Suffolk Constabulary’s Op Converter team was recently recognised at a national conference.

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The Serious Organised Acquisitive Crime Conference was held in Cardiff on 12-13 September. Detective Chief Inspector Matt Bodmer spoke at the conference about the work of Suffolk’s small and dedicated Op Converter team and the success they have had.

This year Suffolk Constabulary was rated as ‘Good’ at preventing crime after an inspection by His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services.

The work officers and staff do to prevent burglaries, as well as to catch and convict perpetrators, is an illustration of this. Op Converter is an important part of this.

Operation Converter is an initiative aimed at encouraging offenders to admit their crimes. As a result, police are able to give victims some peace of mind that an offender has been caught for the burglary of their home or the theft of their property; and the individual has the opportunity to clear their slate, so they can have a fresh start when they are released from prison, without the possibility they will later be traced for a further offence. 

Offenders have to give sufficient detail for officers to be sure they have committed the crime and these offences are then ‘taken into consideration’ (TIC) at sentencing. 

This initiative was shared as national best practice at the conference and the presentation has since generated interest from forces across the country wanting to replicate Suffolk’s model.

The presentation centred around a recent case that, including using TICs, saved an estimated 165 hours of investigators’ time, with positive outcomes for victims.

DCI Bodmer said: “It was a privilege to talk about the work that is carried out in Suffolk by the Op Converter team. It once again demonstrates that Suffolk has a good reputation on the national stage.”

The number of burglaries committed in Suffolk has fallen significantly over recent years. Over the last 12 months the figure is 19% below the long-term average for such offences. ,

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