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nikee and royalty leaked Mothers of CJ So Cool’s Kids Fight After Home Invasion

nikee and royalty fight video leak on twitter

‘You Didn’t Look Out For My Well-Being Once’ As Ni’Kee Battles With Royalty According to his fans.

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The apparent problem between the women started when CJ So Cool uploaded a video on his YouTube page titled.

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My Whole Family Come Support Me After My Worst Nightmare. In the vlog, people close to the criminal stopped by to show their support after the terror attack on his home.

This includes his family, his girlfriend, Alexis “Lexi” Lohmier, and the mother of his daughter Camari So Cool, Ni’Kee Lewis.

In the video, Ni’Kee and CJ So Cool start talking about how her ex Royalty doesn’t like her because she pays her $50 in child support.

Ni’Kee even spoke out explaining that Royalty did not make her twins “for real” as she did because they went through IVF Royalty and Ni’Kee Lewis, had a physical altercation last night following a small talk online.

More than a week after he was shot during a home invasion. Royalty posted a recording of a conversation between her and CJ So Cool about Ni’Kee with the caption “Can’t wait for the video tomorrow” on her Instagram story.

CJ’s response was, Royalty Come home

CJ is fineWhile everything was happening online, Royalty kept her word and stopped at the door of CJ So Cool’s house, and live on Instagram asking Ni’Kee. After he waited, he turned and went home.


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