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New Apple Watch Ultra and AirPods Pro will be available in physical stores on Friday- VB BLOG

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Until now, the Apple Watch Ultra and AirPods Pro were only available for purchase through the Apple Online Store and other online retailers. Apple announced today that it will begin carrying both products in its retail locations starting September 23. Furthermore, the two devices will also be available at physical locations from participating retailers.

The Apple Watch Ultra and AirPods Pro were announced during the Apple Far Out event, along with the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models. The Apple Watch Ultra is the company’s best watch that features an all-new look that’s built from the ground up. The 49mm watch offers a larger display, a narrower digital crown and an actual action button. The watch also has internal improvements such as a dual-band GPS, dual speakers, a three-microphone array, and a larger battery for multi-day use. The watch is durable thanks to its titanium case and flat sapphire crystal display. The new Apple Watch also introduces improvements designed specifically for hikers, divers, and runners, and promotes new safety features.

    Apple Watch Ultra features a titanium case and 36 hours of battery life.

The new AirPods Pro may look similar to its predecessor, but it offers a lot of improvements. Apple’s latest version is powered by the all-new H2 chip, which delivers superior audio performance and improved Active Noise Canceling (ANC) and transparency modes. Spatial audio has also been improved, with users able to customize the experience with the TrueDepth Camera on iPhone. Moreover, the new AirPods Pro builds on the previous touch controls by introducing swipe control adjustments on the stems. The new earbuds will offer better battery life and come with an improved charging case that houses a speaker to find fidelity in case you miss it. The new charging case will also be able to charge using the Apple Watch charger.

    Apple AirPods Pro

The Apple Watch Ultra will be priced at $799, while the AirPods Pro will be priced at $249. Both products can now be ordered online, or you can go to an Apple Store or participating retailer to purchase one starting September 23.

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