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Monty Python Icon Eric Idle upon joining the Masked Singer as a cancer survivor, making an offer to the Queen and King Charles- VB BLOG

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masked singer Season 8 started off great and it was a night marked by multiple eliminations and some big stars. The public saw that The Knight was revealed as William Shatner, and Eric Idle of Monty Python ended up being The Hedgehog (check out Season 8 playlist revealed over here). After it was revealed, Eric Edel spoke with CinemaBlend about the selection masked singer To reveal his pancreatic cancer survivor, and recall his past performances to the late Queen Elizabeth and the new King Charles.

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Eric Idel is no stranger to singing on the big stage, but there was something different coming out masked singer. This performance took place after Idle successfully battled pancreatic cancer, which he revealed publicly for the first time after his elimination in the season eight premiere. Idle, who was first diagnosed in 2019 and underwent surgery to treat it, spoke about why he decided to release the information after it appeared on masked sages:

Well, you know you’re going to be interviewed and you’re going to show your thing, “I’m selling a book”, or whatever you’re into, and I really think this is a perfect opportunity for me to reveal myself as a pancreatic cancer survivor and spread some good news to people because they’re interested . It’s encouraging to know that some people are surviving this thing right now and we’re doing very well. So I thought I’d do that and start a fund in Bright Side to try and raise money so we can put it to research and early testing. So I partnered with Stand Up To Cancer, and that’s what I do. It’s an opportunity to do a little good, encourage people, spread good news, and raise some money for research.

https://unlimited-tech.com/2022/09/22/monty-python-icon-eric-idle-upon-joining-the-masked-singer-as-a-cancer-survivor-making-an-offer-to-the-queen-and-king-charles/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=monty-python-icon-eric-idle-upon-joining-the-masked-singer-as-a-cancer-survivor-making-an-offer-to-the-queen-and-king-charles ,

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