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Listen to the radio call of the 700th March of Albert Pujols at home- VB BLOG

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Albert Pujols’ 700 and 699 home run radio calls will give goosebumps to even the most ardent Cardinals.

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It was a historic baseball night on Friday as Albert Pujols smashed his 699th and 700th career run at Dodgers Stadium.

The designated hitter who is set to retire at the end of the season has now joined forces with an unparalleled company of Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth at the 700 Home Run Club.

He started with a 434-foot home sprint in the third inning, then hit the plate just one turn later, breaking the 700 with a 389-foot shot to the left.

Social media was very fascinated by this moment.

Listen to the radio call of the 700th March of Albert Pujols at home

Here’s how Radio Cardinals called it Homer 700:

The call was creative enough. The moment of thinking after that was better.

Here’s the broadcast call from Apple TV+:

And here are the calls from 699 to Pujols:

It was a magical night in Los Angeles for Cardinals fans, Dodgers fans and every other baseball fan on the planet. Pujols credits Dodgers Stadium for renewing his love of baseball during his year playing there. So it was the perfect place for him to spend that moment even if Apple TV+ wasn’t the perfect broadcast for such a historic moment.

Now that the Pujols are at 700, the rest of the season can focus on saying goodbye to the future Hall of Famer and appreciating every moment he has left. Of course, the Cardinals will be looking to extend his stay as long as possible with the playoffs on the horizon. There is still a lot of baseball for him to play

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