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Leaked video of Lulo Cafe from Mosa Khawula can be seen on Twitter.- VB BLOG

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Leaked video of Lulo
Cafe from Mosa Khawula can be seen on Twitter.

Leaked and popular Lulo Cafe On Reddit and Twitter –
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People are sharing memes in response to the viral Lulo Cafe
video, which is currently trending on Twitter and TikTok.

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Leaked video of Lulo Cafe from Mosa Khawula can be seen on Twitter.
Leaked video of Lulo Cafe from Mosa Khawula can be seen on Twitter.

You are aware of the facts pertaining to this trending
video since it was originally obtained from application sites like Reddit and
Twitter, right? In case some of you weren’t aware, you can hear the admins’
comments of the Lulo Cafe leak’s alternate links below.


Following the viral spread of a video of the local
celebrity taking a bath, Lulo Cafe has attracted a lot of negative attention.

The radio broadcaster Musa Khawula did not precisely gladly
publish the content of himself on the internet in this day and age where nudity
and sexual content are encouraged.

Social media users have expressed their outrage about the
Lulo Cafe’s being assaulted in this manner thus far. The video has already been
taken down.


It is currently believed that a member of the local
celebrity’s close friends took the video of Lulo Cafe having a bath. and had
forwarded it to Musa Khawula, who eventually made it public. What was intended
is not quite clear.


Musa Khawula wrote a personal apology to Lulo Cafe earlier
today after the video attracted a lot of unfavourable attention. This occurs
despite the radio host being unaware that he was being recorded.

Musa Khawula is now thought to have been suspended from
Twitter for some time. until he ultimately started posting again. Presumably
because of the radio host’s intrusive footage that was posted.

Musa Khawula is currently under fire for several of his
celebrity-related articles, and he previously got into a confrontation with
Moshe Ndiki over the information he posted about him.


However, Musa Khawula is currently dealing with his own
complicated case because he is held accountable for Wandile Khambula’s demise.
During a previous argument, the Journalist fatally stabbed the victim.

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