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kurti కేవలం రూ.80/- నుండి మాత్రమే | దసరాకి కొత్త కలెక్షన్స్ మార్కెట్లోకి | Single Set @ Wholesale |

kurti కేవలం రూ.80/- నుండి మాత్రమే | దసరాకి కొత్త కలెక్షన్స్ మార్కెట్లోకి | Single Set @ Wholesale |
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kurti కేవలం రూ.80/- నుండి మాత్రమే | దసరాకి కొత్త కలెక్షన్స్ మార్కెట్లోకి | Single Set @ Wholesale | new leaked Video Leaked Viral On Reddit, YouTube
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kurti కేవలం రూ.70/- నుండి మాత్రమే | దసరాకి కొత్త కలెక్షన్స్ మార్కెట్లోకి | Single Set @ Wholesale

మన Budget లో & Branded Quality Kurtis | Any Kurti ₹ 500 only | Worldwide Shipping| Video Call in |

Premium Quality Kurtis with Price & Address | Video Call & Courier Facility | Any Kurthi ₹ 500/- |

Shop Address:
Krishna Textiles-Only Wholesale
#22-7-282, Shop No.15, 3rd Floor, I Square Tower, Beside Jublee Post Office, Diwan Devdi,
Hyderabad, Telangana 500002

Location Map

Youtube Channel Link

Shop Timings: 10:00 AM To 10:00 PM

Channel Number: 90595 18081 Only call for shoot


DISCLAIMER: This video is non-promotional. This video is created only to provide educational information about the said business. This channel is not responsible for any kind of profit or loss in any business. It all depends on the business strategy and hard work. You must research yourself before you start any business or before you buy any kind of bulk product. We te you finally that, this video is only for educational purposes.

In this video, we are sharing an exclusive shop for Branded Women Wear, which offers affordable prices. The name of the shop is Mamatha’s Store.

Further, they assured to support video call and the delivery facility also. Make use of this facility at these hard times.

Shop using video call support and share your experience to guide other viewers.

If you like the video please share to whom you feel this will be useful and support us in making more useful videos.


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