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Joey Votto proves he is the best ever at the Reds Stadium to greet the fans- VB BLOG

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Joy Foto will not be making headlines for the Reds again this season, but the star is still the undisputed best as he has spent evenings on the pitch.

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While some NL Central rivals may not be the biggest fans, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like veteran Cincinnati Reds star Joey Votto. Unfortunately, we won’t see more of him on diamonds in the 2022 season after he underwent surgery to repair his left cuff and biceps.

But this did not stop him from continuing to appear and represent his team. More importantly, it didn’t stop him from being one of the best players in baseball and proving why he’s been a fan favorite for many years.

Foto was in for the Reds v Red Sox game on Wednesday night and looked so good he was wearing an autographed Barry Larkin shirt. When we say presence, though, we don’t mean he was giving up watching – he was getting the full fan experience while also giving other fans the experience of a lifetime.

Joey Photo greets fans at the Great American Ballpark during the Reds-Red Sox

Throughout the match, Votto has been walking around the Great American Ballpark sitting in random seats, taking photos with fans, and even giving fans small rides at Reds Stadium as well. Talk about a once in a lifetime moment to the fans in attendance.

If your heart doesn’t completely warm up, I’m not sure what will.

Whether it’s young fans, older fans, or fans who fall in the middle of those categories, Votto has just been trying to make their night on the field unforgettable. Mission accomplished, to say the least.

And if that wasn’t good enough, there could be some karmic results from Foto’s exploits as the Reds also clinched a convincing 5-1 win over Boston on Wednesday night. The veteran will probably have to make this a regular as long as he is absent due to injury. If nothing else, fans will definitely love it in Cincinnati.

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