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INDIAN ROLLER | Birds of Sri Lanka with Thinev | Sound / Call

INDIAN ROLLER | Birds of Sri Lanka with Thinev | Sound / Call
#INDIAN #ROLLER #Birds #Sri #Lanka #Thinev #Sound #Call
INDIAN ROLLER | Birds of Sri Lanka with Thinev | Sound / Call new leaked Video Leaked Viral On Reddit, YouTube
Let’s find out what is happen in this video. #INDIAN #ROLLER #Birds #Sri #Lanka #Thinev #Sound #Call
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INDIAN ROLLER | Birds of Sri Lanka with Thinev | Sound / Call

Local Names : Dumbonna, දුම්බොන්නා, রোলার পাখি, रोलर चिरई के बा, 滚轮鸟, oiseau rouleau, Rollvogel, રોલર પક્ષી, रोलर बर्ड, πουλί κυλίνδρου, uccello rullo, ರೋಲರ್ ಹಕ್ಕಿ, റോളർ പക്ഷി, रोलर पक्षी, ਰੋਲਰ ਪੰਛੀ, роликовая птица, pájaro rodillo, உருளை பறவை, రోలర్ పక్షి, الطيور الدوارة

The Indian roller is a bird of the family Coraciidae. The bright blue markings on the wing are prominent in flight. The Indian roller occurs widely from West Asia to the Indian subcontinent. The species is best known for the aerobatic displays of males during the breeding season. Adult males and females form pair bonds and raise the young together. Often found perched on roadside trees and wires, it is common in open grassland and scrub forest habitats, and has adapted well to human-modified landscapes. It mainly feeds on insects, especially beetles. Their calls are like … Locally named dumbonna. The Indian roller is the state bird of the Indian states of Odisha, Telangana and Karnataka.

Get to know all the details about
1. Color Variations/Changes in plumage/feathers in male, female, breeding and none breading, juvenile, baby and chicks in different seasons
2. Find out how they call, sound, in flight sound, dance, mating season
3. What are their food, nest, what the nest made of, fights, catch their pray, how they dive to catch fish
4. Community Habitat distributions across the globe with their migration and their migration path and whether they are endemic to region or geography or which countries
5. Finally how they dive, walking techniques, how they dry themselves
6. Name Translation in Sinhala, Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Malayalam, Panjabi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Urdu, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Spanish

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