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Since the launch of Overwatch 2 yesterday, the entire community has faced several errors and bugs related to the game. One such error that is plagiarizing multiple players’ experience is the “Time Out Communicating with Services” that occurs when attempting to log into the game during long queue times, especially anything over 100. Errors between your client and Blizzard servers leave you with little choice but to wait for your client to establish a solid connection before the default timer expires. However, you can try some common network troubleshooting techniques, such as: Restart your internetwith different DNS Server or switch to a cable connection.

What causes the “Communication with services timed out” error in Overwatch 2?

As mentioned earlier, the problem occurs when you are unable to connect from your platform to the Battlenet services within the allotted time frame. You can expect the bug to pop up from time to time, until either Blizzard scales up their server to reduce queue time, or until excitement around the game wanes.

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Common solutions to fix “Communication with services timed out” error in Overwatch 2

Keep in mind that these are some solutions to fix network problems and are not specific to our problem.

  • Restart your internet: Restart your internet by turning off your modem hub or router and try to log in again.
  • Changing the DNS server: Try changing your DNS from your current one to something different from your network settings.
  • cable connection: Swap your WiFi connection for a wired one with a LAN cable. It helps you have a much more stable and faster experience than wireless.

If none of the solutions work for you, you can avoid the error by logging into the game from another server or during off-peak times like midnight.

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