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Gaelic ‘Róise and Frank’ Feature Goes to Juno Films for North America- VB BLOG

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The company confirmed Friday that boutique distributor Juno Films has acquired the North American distribution rights for the Irish language feature “Róise and Frank” (“Mo Ghrá Buan”).

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Written and directed by Rachel Moriarty and Peter Murphy, the drama tells the story of a fictional widow, played by Irish actress Bride née Neichain, who decides that a stray dog ​​she befriends is the embodiment of her deceased husband, Frank.

Over time, Róise slowly begins to open up to the outside world and reconnect with friends and family. Her companion begins coaching the local middle school throwing team with great success for the team and its players, under Frank’s supervision.

Elizabeth Sheldon, CEO of Juno Films, Elizabeth Sheldon, said “Róise and Frank” is a charming and joyful film that highlights the power of family bonds, hope and love. “

It brings a warm touch to the global experience of grief and loss through the special bond between a diverse, slanderer-loving stray dog ​​and its new owner, recently widowed Rose.”

Juno plans to release the film theatrically in early 2023.

The film’s accolades include People’s Choice Awards at both the Santa Barbara Film Festival and the Sonoma International Film Festival. At the Dublin Film Festival in March, he won Best Ensemble.

The film is produced by the Irish production company Macalla Teo. It was supported by Screen Ireland, Broadcasting Ireland (BAI), and TG4 through the Cine4 scheme.

Macalla Teo’s head of production, Ceoladh Sheahan, negotiated the deal with Sheldon on behalf of the filmmakers.

Juno’s recent releases include the Icelandic drama Tinna Hrafnsdóttir “Quake,” Andres Alegria and Abel Sanchez’s documentary “A Song for Cesar,” and Antonio Tibaldi’s sci-fi thriller “We Are Living Things.”

In addition to working as a boutique film distributor, Juno is active in global sales.

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