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David Cronenberg’s “Videodrome” is back to melt your mind Vibesbullet

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videodrome (1983)

Body horror master David Cronenberg directs this techno-sci-fi flick about a wacky TV exec (real-life James Woods) who discovers and airs a show titled videodrome that shows how people are tortured. But when his girlfriend (Debbie Harry) auditions for the show and never returns, he realizes the show’s violence is all too real. Academy, 21-22 September.

belle de jour (1967)

In Spanish surrealist Luis Buñuel’s acclaimed erotic drama, the luminous Catherine Deneuve plays an estranged young housewife who spends her nights being physically intimate with her husband and her weekday afternoons working in a high-class brothel. Screens in 35mm. Free to Hollywood Theater and Movie Madness members. Hollywood, September 22nd.

melancholy (2011)

It’s the end of the world as Kirsten Dunst knows it, and she’s comfortable! Lars von Trier’s art-house sci-fi film explores human reactions to doom to come – and stars Dunst as a depressed bride-to-be who doesn’t give a damn that a rogue planet is about to crash onto Earth (understandable!). Meanwhile, her sister (Charlotte Gainsbourg), who represents fear, freaks out (understandably!). Clinton, Sept. 23.

The American friend (1977)

Based on one of Patricia Highsmith’s homoerotic Tom Ripley novels, this neo-noir by Wim Wenders stars Dennis Hopper as the raunchy American Ripley (later played by Matt Damon in The talented Mr Ripley). This time he lives in Hamburg, where he plans to force a terminally ill picture framer (Bruno Ganz) into becoming an assassin. Living Room, September 23rd.

The Maltese Falcon (1941)

Humphrey Bogart plays private detective Sam Spade on the perilous quest to find the coveted jeweled statuette in this film noir classic. Legendary director John Huston’s stunning feature film debut will be screened as part one of Cinema 21’s Bogart on the Big Screen series (and features an intro by film programmer Elliot Lavine). Cinema 21, 24.9.


Academy: The Breakfast Club (1985), 21.-22. September. It will be blood (2007), 21.-22. September. Hollywood: carrie (1976) 21 Sep. The third man (1949) 23 Sept. metropolis (1927) 24 Sept. Paris, Texas (1984) 24 Sep. MONKEY (1976) 25 Sep. Fast times at Ridgemont High (1982) 26 Sep. you live (1988) 27 Sep. PAM CUT: aggie (2020), 23 September. David Cronenberg’s “Videodrome” is back to melt your mind ,

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