Collaps video: Momemt American drag Queen, Valencia Prime, fainted on Stage During performance

This is the heart-stopping moment the floor of a nightclub in Tenerife collapsed – injuring 40 people including two seriously hurt Brits.

Footage shows a drag act performing on a small stage at the front of the Butterfly Disco Pub in Playa de las Americas when suddenly the stage plummets down into the basement.

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It takes the surrounding floor and spectators with it.

The performer, a blonde in a red dress and heels, can be seen trying to jump away as the floor collapses around her.

People can be heard shouting out in shock and pain before the footage abruptly ends.

The drag act is seen performing on the stage shortly before it collapses through the floor


Image: Tenerife Fire Department)

British tourists are ‘most serious’ of 40 injured in Tenerife nightclub floor collapse

The recording, first published by local paper La Opinion de Tenerife , shows there was absolutely no warning or danger signs before the dramatic event.

The casualties include two British men: a 57-year-old who suffered head injuries and a 59-year-old who broke his leg when the floor caved in at the popular gay nightspot at 2.30am on Sunday morning.

The wounded, aged between 20 and 60, were taken to hospital with injuries including broken ankles, severe fractures, cuts, bruises and back and hand wounds.

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