Clydebank woman hurled vile slurs and lashed out as cops tried to help


A CLYDEBANK woman who attacked two police trying to help her has been told she should be “totally ashamed”.


Sammi Rausch made vile slurs against a number of groups as she abused cops before and while at hospital.

Police attended her Myrtle Road home after reports she had consumed an unknown number of tablets.

They found the the 30-year-old in an intoxicated and distressed state on August 14, 2022.

Rausch told officers: “I f***ing hate police, get the f*** out.”

She lashed out and kicked towards the face of one cop, striking her with force to the left side of her jaw.

Fiscal depute Decla O’Connor told Dumbarton Sheriff Court on January 13 that Rausch was handcuffed and informed she was under arrest.

She continued to shout abuse, including, “f*** off, f***ing gimp” and “I only kicked that ret*rd”.

An ambulance took her to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital for observations.

But she kept firing insulting remarks. She asked for her phone, which was denied because she was under arrest.

“F***ing ret*rds, you don’t deserve respect,” she said. She also called them “p*ofs”, “gay b**tards” and “you look like a D*wnie b**tard”.

She kicked a second officer in the groin, causing him to recoil in pain.

Rausch later pleaded guilty to repeatedly shouting, swearing and uttering offensive remarks to police. This was aggravated by prejudice relating to disability.

She also admitted assaulting one cop at her home, and one at the QEUH.

Rausch further accepted she repeatedly shouted, swore and uttered offensive remarks to three officers at the hospital, acting aggressively and pulling away from them lashing out with her arms and legs, striking her head against the floor and repeatedly striking her head against the door of a police vehicle.

That crime was aggravated by her prejudice related to disability and sexual orientation.

Defence solicitor Phil Lafferty said his client had an “indistinct recollection”.

He told the court: “This was something of a perfect storm involving alcohol and medication.

“A call was made by a part concerned for her welfare. Your lordship will be concerned but there’s a workable combination of disposals.

“The behaviour went beyond the level that was acceptable… perhaps take the view the behaviour was exceptional.”

Sheriff Maxwell Hendry said: “I hope in the cold, sober light of day, when you hear the procurator fiscal describe [the incident]… the police were there to help you.

“I hope you are totally ashamed.”

He said Rausch met the threshold for being jailed but “with hestiation” opted to keep her in the community.

She was put under social work supervision for the next two years with a requirement for mental health or alcohol treatment or counselling as directed.

She must also do 180 hours of unpaid work in the community within the next year. That was reduced from 270 hours, as an indication of the seriousness the sheriff considered the crime.

A review will be held of her progress on March 10.


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