Clydebank girl ripped chunks of hair off woman and chomped another

A DRUNKEN lout yanked a woman’s hair so hard she pulled out a chunk and bit another woman and left her with an infected wound.

Amy McAuley, from Clydebank, launched a ferocious assault on her victims on April 2, 2021, in Dumbarton.

But a court heard last week that the 20-year-old has not reoffended in 18 months and was now a “different woman”.

At Dumbarton Sheriff Court, fiscal depute Lindy Scaife said that the victims of the attack were sitting in the garden of the home in Glasgow Road, Dumbarton, and McAuley was intoxicated in the house.

The homeowner went into the property and then back outside when McAuley slammed the door on her.

McAuley was asked to leave then pushed the woman to the ground, causing her to hit her head off concrete.

“Whilst on the ground, the accused grabbed her by the hair and pulled it with such force that a clump of hair was dislodged,” said Ms Scaife.

“The second complainer and a friend ran off to help the woman and tried to calm the accused down.”

McAuley was on the ground and the second victim was pulling her upper arms. At some point, McAuley bit the woman’s forearm, biting her and not letting go.

She eventually let go and a bite mark was obvious and a bruise was forming.

Police arrived at the scene and McAuley was found to be intoxicated and distressed, finding it difficult to stand unaided. She was taken home and left with her parents.

The second victim was treated with antibiotics at the Vale of Leven Hospital but the wound later became infected.

The homeowner whose hair was pulled out at the root declined medical treatment.

McAuley later pleaded guilty to assaulting the first woman, pulling her to the ground causing her to strike her head and seizing her by the hair.

She assaulted the second woman by biting her on the body to her injury. McAuley was on bail at the time.

In the court hearing on November 15, McAuley’s defence solicitor said: “Clearly she has significantly let herself down, badly.

“She has allowed herself to get into a high level of intoxication.”

He said his client had struggled with her mental health at the time and was currently on a community payback order (CPO) for another offence.

She has completed unpaid work as part of that and remains under social worker supervision.

Sheriff Lindsey Kooner told McAuley: “You appear to have moved on significantly with your life and present as a very different woman.”

As a direct alternative to custody, she ordered McAuley to do 180 hours of unpaid work in the community within a year. She must also pay £180 in compensation to the first victim and £200 to the second.

But she added the amounts do not reflect the impact of the assaults on the victims.

The sheriff said: “I cannot even quantity that. It must have been a distressing experience. I hope you don’t come back to court again. I hope this is the start of a new chapter.”

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