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Brie Larson shared some great photos of Scott Pilgrim, summoning Edgar Wright with one request- VB BLOG

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Scott Hajj vs. the world It follows Scott, a boy in love, who has to battle his evil girlfriend Ramona, the Exes. these Seven exes, which is a large number that we can classifyHe tried to destroy Scott throughout the movie. Moreover, he has to fight Envy Adams, this former pop star. Honestly, I think her song and performance might be more memorable than any of the exes, because of the way Brie Larson played it. More than a decade after the film’s release, Larson has posted some fun tales about the creation of the film and has one request for its director, Edgar Wright.

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While we know a lot of Behind the scenes facts about Scott Pilgrim vs. the scientistAnd the Larson recently brought us some new BTS content. She posted some photos of her and her band, named Clash at Demonhead, on her Twitter, fondly reflecting on her experience. check it out:

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