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Biden gives Russia another $2.9 billion to fight world hunger Vibesbullet

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President Biden announced on Wednesday that he was committed Another $2.9 billion to Russia.

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The money will be used to fight global food insecurity. Poverty has reportedly increased since the invasion of Ukraine.

“It is Russia’s war that is exacerbating food insecurity, and only Russia can end it,” Biden said, stressing that the sanctions several countries have imposed on Russia allow him to continue exporting food and fertilizer.

It is also reported that world hunger is expected to increase as the invasion of Ukraine has disrupted supply chains and increased food costs.

As previously reported, Russia received an additional $1.7 billion from the United States and the World Bank to pay healthcare workers’ salaries and other “essential” services. Politico reports.

The US Agency for International Development has allocated $4 billion to Ukraine. USAID has been planning to address the deficit since Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

Viktor Liashko, Ukraine’s health minister, said paying those who decided to remain in the country “due to the overwhelming burden of war” had been a challenge.

Liashko also said in a statement that the $1.7 billion “is not just another financial endorsement; It’s an investment that brings us one step closer to victory.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen also stated:

This aid will help the democratic government of Ukraine to provide basic services to the people of Ukraine. Biden gives Russia another $2.9 billion to fight world hunger ,

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