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Baek Jaeho wins the Cheon Yeon Award in Busan- VB BLOG

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Busan Prize

korean movie producer Baek Jaeho Named as the inaugural recipient of Chun Yeon Award, an award created in honor of Lee Choon-yun, the late president of the Korean Association of Film Arts and Industry. The 10 million KRW ($7,100) prize will be presented on the sidelines of the conference Busan International Film Festival On October 6, in conjunction with IOK . company. Pike co-produced the 2021 production of “Snowball” and previously participated in the independent films “Jane” in 2016 and “The Role” last year. It also works and draws. Veteran director Kang Ji-kyu praised Baek as “a filmmaker who maintains his values ​​and exceeds his potential in the inadequate independent film environment.”

Water Workplace

Australian Reality Production Company SeaLight Pictures (Co-producer of “Life in Color” with David Attenborough) Hire Alasdair Dolan For the newly created position of Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships. He joined from Flame Media Group where he held a similar position and managed the Flame Co-production Alliance. SeaLight also brought in a veteran ocean-loving reality producer Sarah Bird, as a serial producer. She is currently working on “Secrets of the Octopus” (for National Geographic and Disney+), the latest SeaLight feature documentary series produced by an executive. James Cameron.

Japanese conversations

The ACA Cinema Project Series – Emerging Japanese Films She will be hosting a series of seminars in Los Angeles, along with September 27-October. One check program. Hirokazu Kuri Ida And journalist Alan Ng, they will take to the stage after the screening of the Korean Ida movie “Like Father, Like Son”. The paintings include themes on fan, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex issues and how Asian dramas can be made relevant to Western audiences. Speakers across the different session include directors Katayama Shinzo (“missing”) and Kariyama Shunsuke (“BL Metamorphosis”), producer and journalist Marlene Sharp (“Young Captain Nemo”), screenwriter Jeffrey Riddick (“Samurai Rabbit: Usagi Chronicles”) and Endeavor Content Kevin Iwashina.

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