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Ajulo Advises Peter Obi on How to Gain “Northern Support”- VB BLOG

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2023 Presidential
Election: Ajulo Advises Peter Obi on How to Gain “Northern Support”

Before the election campaign begins, a Nigerian
lawyer named Kayode Ajulo has asked the Labour Party’s (LP) Peter Obi to
connect with key stakeholders across the nation, especially in the north.

Ajulo, who bemoaned the former governor of Anambra state’s
lack of sincerity towards the north, said that certain governors in the region
are eager to endorse Obi, but noted that the LP candidate is not making any
efforts to incorporate the region in his presidential campaign.

In an interview with newsmen on Friday in Abuja, Ajulo made
this point clear and asked Peter Obi to reach out to the northern region of the
country while there was still time before the real election campaigns got

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Additionally, he advised Mr. Obi to extend his reach beyond
southern Nigeria and towards the north, warning that “selling himself to
individuals of northern extraction may shift the narrative.”

Peter Obi isn’t ready to be president, Mr. Ajulo continued,
“because he isn’t ready to cross the River Niger or even the River

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“I am aware of three Northern governors who have shown
their support for him.”

Mr. Ajulo urged the LP presidential candidate to embrace
modern politics by reaching out to every corner of the nation and go beyond
social media.

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