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Advise Prince William and Princess Kate to travel to the US: Show them who the real stars are- VB BLOG

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THere is a clear split in the British royal family, as brothers Prince William and Prince Harry have not seen eye to eye since the younger brother moved to America with his wife, Meghan Markle.

The feud between the two brothers stems from comments made by both Harry and Markle in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

While there was a suspension of hostilities in the following period of mourning Queen Elizabeth IIHis death, this is only temporary and Prince William He was advised to travel to America in order to reduce the popularity of his younger brother.

In a report published by The Sun, an unnamed royal insider is understood to have told the royal biographer, Angela LevineHarry and Meghan’s popularity in America is a problem.

Prince Harry, Meghan, Prince William and Kate, Princess of Wales, leave Westminster Hall in LondonNariman MuftiAP

“The Sussexes are more loved in America than the UK, which could hurt not only Charles and Camilla but the entire property,” he said. livin Quoted from its source in a new book on Camilla, the queen consort.

The American issue must be dealt with.

“Cambridge has to go to the US to show who the real stars are, as well The Queen Consort and King Charles. “


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