Adriano Moraes happy to prove that there are ‘killers’ outside of the UFC

When Adriano Moraes knocked out the all-time flyweight great Demetrious Johnson with a knee, many fans were shocked by the turn of events. ‘Mighty Mouse’ entered the bout as a massive favorite, however, in the end, it was ‘Mikinho’ that proved to be the better man that night in 2021.

The promotion’s eagerly anticipated1, two are preparing for their rematch in the main event of ONE on Prime Video, are preparing to return to US primetime. Ahead of the flyweight world title showdown, Adriano Moraes spoke to Denise Salcedo about their first meeting and the aftermath of a stunning second-round knockout.

“A lot of people got so shocked. A lot of people cannot believe it, and a lot of people feel messages saying ‘hey I lost money man’ [and] ‘hey, I received a lot of money with your win, thank you Adriano!’ But the main feeling was like, the people’s shocked. And that was good, you know, I could help ONE Championship [become a top trend in Twitter] when they tweeted about this knockout. I could help the company to go high, you know?”

Moraes continued to talk about his ONE on TNT I meeting with Johnson, saying:

“I just showed the power of ONE Championship, [that] there are killers everywhere in other organizations, you know, not just in UFC. And that is really good, it’s not just for me, it’s good for my family, for the fans, for the division, and for everybody who appreciates our job.”

Check out Moraes’ full interview below:


Adriano Moraes hopes to replicate the amazing feeling of their first bout when they meet again at ONE on Prime Video 1

When Adriano Moraes steps back inside the circle with Demetrious Johnson on August 26, he hopes to repeat the success he had the first time around. Continuing his conversation with Denise Salcedo, ‘Mikinho’ talked about the feeling following his first outing against ‘Mighty Mouse’ and the impact it had on his career:

“It was an amazing moment for my career, defeating [an all-time great]. The kind of like a good finish, and it was an amazing feeling.”

Moraes has another opportunity to elevate his mixed martial arts record when 200 million Amazon Prime subscribers tune in to the promotion’s debut on the streaming platform later this month.

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With two victories over one of the pound-for-pound greatest fighters of all time, there would be no further doubt that ‘Mikinho’ is one of the greatest fighters walking planet earth.


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